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Hearing Impaired Children Course Schedule Dhammapunna

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Anapana Courses Hearing & Speech Impaired Children

  • A meditator teacher in Pune with 15 years experience with hearing impaired children was encouraged by Mr Goenka to organise a course for her students. So a few teachers from the local Vipassana centre, Dhamma Punna, visited her school for a few months and became familiar with the use of sign language and hearing aids and their limitations.

  • The school teacher was appointed as a CCT and the first course for her students was held at the local centre in 2006. They were older teenagers in a group of 27. For orientation they were shown the video “Compass” and briefly shown a course for 80 other students which was in progress,They were then given some introductory instructions.

  • In subsequent courses they were given more detailed instructions, with interaction in small groups. There are video tapes of some of Goenkaji’s instructions in Hindi and this was played in the background while the teacher showed printed signs in the local language, Marathi. The experience with the metta session (meditation of loving kindness) brought tears to the eyes of the volunteer helpers. The children sang with Goenkaji in their own way.

  • Since then a video has been made with the teacher covering the instructions in Marathi sign language. With every course the children, the team became more comfortable. Around 20 courses have now been held, with younger children being given a chance to join. A larger hall was built at the centre in 2009 and bigger groups could attend. A video recording was made in January for interested parties.

  • The team in Pune received a donations from meditators in India and USA to help meet the expenses of the teaching material. Sign language is not universal. There are differences in different countries. When the work in Marathi sign language is complete, this could help to prepare similar material for children in different settings.

Hearing Impaired Children Course Schedule Dhammapunna

Date: A course get is scheduled as per availability of children, Children Course Teacher(CCT) & Center
Duration:8.30 AM to 3.30 PM
Location:Dhammapunna, Near Swargate, Pune
Note:Contact office to know more details.

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